lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Indonesia: Massive Rally with great militancy for the 70th Anniversary of the WFTU organized by KASBI

New affiliate of the WFTU, KASBI of Indonesia, organized a massive rally with great militancy to honour the 70th Anniversary of the WFTU on October 3rd, 1945.
In Jakarta of Indonesia, hundreds of workers and young people filled the roads to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the WFTU.
The Speakers hailed the WFTU’s objectives and principles always on the side of the working class, empowering the workers with internationalist solidarity, militant coordination and unity of struggle.
The demonstration gathered in front of the offices of the ILO in Indonesia and moved to the State Palace to protest for the low wages and the acute labour and social problems of the Indonesian workers. Amongst the main demands were the removal of the outsourcing contractual work, the rejection of low wages and enforcement of national living wage, the rejection of layoffs, union busting and persecution of trade union action for members and elected officials, the implementation of women workers rights, the protection of the Indonesian migrant workers, for social security rights, for lower prices on fuels and basic goods, for education and healthcare for all, against privatization, for national industry in favor of the people and land and water for all.

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