martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

WFTU condemns the military coup in Burkina Faso

The World Federation of Trade Unions strongly condemns the military coup in Burkina Faso and expresses its solidarity to the people and working class of the country.  Supports the call for general strike of the Trade Union Federations and calls the workers to denounce the coup.We call the Burkinabe people to continue their struggle to overthrow the coup of the Presidential Guard. We strongly believe that the workers have the power to secure their rights and independence against every enemy in and out of their country.
The WFTU, representing 92 million workers in 126 countries, endorses the demands of the trade unions in Burkina Faso: the unconditional dissolution of the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP), calls the workers ant the trade unions in every country of the world to express their solidarity in every possible manner and mean to the working class of Burkina Faso who is struggling to defend its rights against the military coup.

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