martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Moscow: The Labor Migrant Workers’ trade Union in Russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of WFTU


September, 26, in Moscow the Labor migrant workers’ trade union organized a traditional monthly seminar for the trade union activists. A certain part of the meeting was devoted to the 70-th Anniversary of WFTU.
The Chairman of the TU Central Committee comrade Renat Karimov and the member of the TU Central Committee Igor Midtsev, representing WFTU in Moscow, told the participants of the seminar about the history of foundation of WFTU, about the development and the aims of the international class-orientated trade unions movement. About the modern activities and the struggle of WFTU for the interests of working people, against imperialist wars and invasions and interventions, against racism, neo-fascism and xenophobia, for the future without exploitation.
With great interest the unionists listened about the participation of the comrade Renat Karimov in the International WFTU Conference in Damascus this September, about the WFTU’ firm position of support of migrants and refugees – the victims of the imperialist policies.The solidarity statement, supporting the WFTU position was unanimously adopted.

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