jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

#Indonesia: Huge Demonstration of KASBI

On October 31 2016, more than 50.000 member of KASBII Indonesia (Confederation of Congress of Indonesian Unions Alliance) had a massive demonstration all around the country. In this national demonstration, KASBI urge government to abolish Government Regulation number 78 year 2015 on Minimum Wage and Refuse Discrimination on Wage System for intensive labor sector. KASBI also demands SEPULTURA (Ten Demands of Workers and People against Neo-liberalism).
  1. Abolish Contract-based Working System and Outsourcing System
  2. Refuse Cheap Labor Policy! Implement National Minimum Wage!
  3. Refuse Dismissal, Fight Union-Busting and Criminalisation of Workers!
  4. Implement Women Workers’ Rights and Protect Indonesian Migrant
  5. rial and Jail for Vicious Employer!
  6. Social Protection NOT Social Insurance!
  7. Land and Natural Resource for People!
  8. Refuse Privatization! Establish National Industry Under Control by
  9. Free Education and Health Service for All People!
  10. Reduce The Price of Basic Needs
In capital city, Jakarta, around 10.000 workers had a long-march in front of Presidential Palace and office of ILO Jakarta.

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