jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Message of United Working Trade Union “Defence”- Russia

From the name of the United Working Trade Union “Defence” we are greeting delegates of the WFTU XVII Congress! We wish you, dear comrades, a successful work in organizing workers to struggle against wage slavery, imperialist wars and conflicts, for liberation of all working people from exploitation! Today in Russia, like in many other countries, a period of capitalist reaction is coming, democratic rights and freedoms are being displaced, the standard of living falls, meanwhile authorities are spending more and more money for police and militarization while reducing costs for education, healthcare, culture and social needs. All these things are occuring under the pretext of necessity to struggle against external enemies. Not for the first time in Russian history, the ruling class tries to involve workers into their imperialist adventures. In this regard today, as never earlier, one of the most important tasks of workers of all countries including Russia, is struggle for peace, exposing the greedy policies of their own governments. We are calling the delegates of the WFTU XVII Congress to make a claim to governmemts of all leading world states, first of all, to the governments of USA, Russia and the European Union, on ending all wars.
The Executive Committee of the UWTU “Defence”
October, 5th, 2016 Russia

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