jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

#Cameroon: WFTU expresses its solidarity to the victims of the train derailment

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its deep sorrow and condolences to the families of the 70 dead people and more than 600 injured people after the train derailment which was travelling from Yaounde to Douala.
This “accident” proves once more the responsibilities of the government of Cameroon for the deterioration of the mass transport system. We know very well that the poor people, the workers of each country use them everyday for their transports to work, and these poor people are the ones who lose their lives when these “accidents” happen.
The demand of WFTU for safe, cheap and reliable transportation for all the workers has to be applied in every country. We call the government of Cameroon to take all the necessary measures to support the victims of the derailment and their families.
The Secretariat

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