martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

CTB- #Brazil: A coup d’état to impose neoliberal retrocession

By 61 votes against 20 the Senate approved on Wednesday, August 31 2016, the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. She was removed from the position to which she was elected in 2014, which will be illegitimately occupied until 2018 by the usurper Michel Temer. This way, a coup d ‘ état was consumed against an innocent woman for the benefit of a gang of criminals involved in the Lava Jato operation (investigation into corruption at the state oil company Petrobras), which they used against the PT ( Workers´Party) and now intend to interrupt the investigation.
The trial was divided into two votes at the request of the opposition and determined by the President of the Supreme Federal Court, Ricardo Lewandowski. The first decided the loss of the mandate. However, the second vote, which decided whether she would lose or not her political rights was a victory of Dilma. Their tormentors couldn´t get the necessary majority to condemn her.
The result is a further evidence of the innocence of the President. Unlike the putschists and beneficiaries of the farce staged in the National Congress, Rousseff is not even under suspicion nor denunciation related to corruption or illicit enrichment. The vote of 54 million Brazilians was cancelled and replaced by an indirect election made by a restricted electoral college in which most face charges of corruption or other serious crimes.

To free Temer and his associates from jail is one of the goals of the coup which has already been partly achieved. Now as the permanent President, the head of the conspiracy can’t be target of a criminal investigation at least until the end of the term, except for crimes that he may commit in the exercise of the function.
Anyway, one must be aware that the Lava Jato operation and the corruption were used, today as in the past coups, as a smokescreen to cover up the real interests at stake. These are included in the government project, which has a deeply reactionary antinational and anti popular character.
It was a coup with strong support of the business community and of the bourgeois media for the satisfaction of the great capitalists and imperialist powers.
Their targets are: the working class, which runs the risk of losing labor and social security rights acquired over a fight over several decades; democracy, is once again despised by the ruling classes; the national sovereignty has been put up for sale. The coup shocked the world and it was denounced as such by most world media, while in Brazil the media monopolized by the bourgeoisie did not only support the farce but it played the main role in the drama of the impeachment, brazenly manipulating the facts and deceiving the people.
Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador denounced the coup and called their ambassadors back. On the other hand, the USA immediately recognize the putschist government and no longer disguise the satisfaction with the announced measures that are already underway under the leadership of a chancellor, José Serra (a servant of the Chevron oil company, unmasked by WikiLeaks).
The orientation of the Foreign Ministry is opposed to the integration of Latin American and Caribbean countries and is frontally against the progressive Governments of the region. Imperialism is bestowed with the sellout of pre-salt oil reserves to foreign capital, the return of the perverse policy of privatizations and the neoliberal nightmare recurrently defeated at the polls since 2002.
The CTB does not recognize the illegitimate government, result of a coup, and will fight with all its strength and in a broader democratic alliance against the execution of the putschist project, in defense of the nation’s largest interests and of the sacred rights of the working class. Our class-oriented central thanks for the messages of repudiation of the coup and in solidarity with the social movements and the democratic and progressive forces in the country that have organized the fight against the putschists. No reconciliation with the putschists. We will continue to resist, occupying the streets and screaming at the top of our lung: not one right less, no sell-out policies, TEMER OUT!
Adilson Araújo
Divanilton Pereira
Secretary of International Relations

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