martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

#Bangladesh: Solidarity of the #WFTU with the victims of the crime at “Tampaco Foils Ltd” at Tongi

The World Federation of Trade Unions expresses its condolences to the families of the victims of the new crime of the packaging factory “Tampaco Foils Ltd” that took place last Saturday at Tongi, to the north of Dhaka. The WFTU also expresses its solidarity with the injured workers, who are in the hospital, struggling to survive.
This new crime was caused by a boiler’s explosion, followed by fire and by the collapse of the building. The WFTU denounces the non-existent security measures at factories in Bangladesh, that so far have cost the life of thousands of workers.
 Once more it is confirmed that the workers, the poor and the working class are the ones who unjustly lose their lives. They get burnt in fires, drawn in floods, killed during earthquakes or die in the harsh cold.
This is the capitalistic barbarity and the appetite of the bourgeoisie for the increase of their profits. For the capitalists, the workers’ life does not count. Only their profits do!!!
The new crime with 33 dead workers and other 24 seriously injured up to now, as the crime of “Rana Plaza” where 1.100 textile workers lost their lives, stresses the responsibilities of the multinationals, as well as the important responsibilities of the governments of Bangladesh, who leave the workers unprotected.
 We support  the demands and the protests of the Bangladeshi Unions and workers for full compensation, as well as for health and security measures at the workplaces. The crimes against workers for the huge benefits of the factory owners must stop now!
The Secretariat

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