viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

The WFTU in solidarity with the workers and people of #France

The World Federation of Trade Unions representing currently 92 million workers in 126 countries conveys its fraternal salutation and extends its solidarity to the working class, youth and the people of France which participated in the huge demonstrations  on 9th of November 2016, against the anti-popular measures of the French Government.
The WFTU joins its voice with the French workers demanding their fair rights against the onslaught of the anti-labor policy of the European Union and its Governments which attacks with the same brutality the workers in every country.

The working class in each country organized in its militant, class-oriented and democratic trade unions, with internationalist solidarity and in social alliance with the poor farmers, self-employed, youth and women movement has the power to overthrow this policy and open the way for the alternative in favor of the people, a world without exploitation and capitalist barbarity, a world of prosperity and peace.
We call the people of France to strengthen their fight against the policies, which aim especially against the young workers, the new shift of the working class and participate in the demonstrations of 12 and 31 March in the major cities of France.

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