miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Solidarity message of the European Regional Office of WFTU with Guido Lutrario.

EUROF of WFTU condemns the new intimidation attacks against USB Union (WFTU Affiliate) of Italy.
Specifically, the unionist Guido Lutrario, Member of the national executive and USB responsible of the Lazio region, received an “oral warning” by the Rome Police Headquarters, accused for “crime or offense endangered …. the security of the country”, because of the mobilizations, strikes, sit-ins, demonstrations he organized in the area of Rome.
European Union, Governments, police forces and the justice department, at the service of the multinationals attack against the trade union rights and freedoms. It is clear that this development aims the intimidation of the workers and the imposition of restrictions in trade union activity.
The EUROF of WFTU stands by the side of USB and comrade Lutrario! We are not intimidated! We strengthen class solidarity and struggle!

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