jueves, 25 de agosto de 2016

#Bangladesh: Ammonia leak in a factory left more than 200 people needing medical treatment

The World Federation of Trade Union express its solidarity to the people and labour movement of Bangladesh, where an explosion at a chemical fertiliser factory left at least 200 people needing medical treatment after toxic gas spread across large parts of Bangladesh’s second city Chittagong.
This “accident” proves one more time the lack of safety measures in workplaces Bangladesh. In all these cases, like “Rana Plaza” and others, the workers are losing their lives, because the health and safety measures means lose of profits for the capitalists while the workers’ lives are consumables.
We call the Trade Union Movement of Bangladesh to strengthen its struggles against the source of this situation, to thicken the lines of the class oriented trade union movement in national and international level, for the emancipation of the working class.
The Secretariat

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