miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Nagorno-Karabakh: Turkey is adding fuel to the fire

The World Federation of Trade Unions -WFTU- expresses its serious concern for the clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia that have cost the lives of 33 people and left around 200 people injured.
The WFTU calls both sides to stop clashes immediately and calls the workers in the whole region to fight united against war and nationalist conflicts. We, the workers of the world, are all brothers no matter the nationality, color of skin, religion or political preferences.

The WFTU underlines the imperialist practice of the government of Turkey whose stance concerning also the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is adding fuel to the fire of war.
The international class oriented trade union movement expresses to the peoples of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey its fraternal solidarity and support, so they can live in brotherhood, peace with respect and dignity besides and particular characteristics and without imperialist interventions.

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